Support Services

Sales of New Windows & Chromebook Computers:  When you purchase a new computer, you would hope it will be reliable and last a long time. With Computer Care, we sell very reliable, long-lasting computers. All are customized to what you need now and for how you may grow in the next five to eight-plus years using this same computer. Our goal for every computer we sell is that five to eight years from now you can say you made the right decision because to this day it is still fast enough for the work you are doing.

Remote Control: Service Around The Globe  For over 15 years now we have been remotely repairing client issues. As you relocate, travel for work, or yourself questions and issues arise that need to be fixed before you return home. As long as you have access to the internet, Computer Care can remote in and fix most of your issues via remote control for Windows and Mac computers.

We now have well over 400 clients on remote control. Many have moved or relocated from the area to Florida, Texas, California, Colorado, Virginia, NY, Israel, Ireland and everywhere around the globe. Remote control works great and often the solution to the issue takes less than 60 minutes to fix.

Download and installation instructions for TeamViewer Host Remote Software

Share and Connect Devices Wirelessly and on a Network: These days everything has gone wireless, but many offices are still wired and not running wireless. Either way, there are ways to share all sorts of devices such as printers, common storage, backup solutions, and more. New gadgets come out all the time and integrating them into your business or home network makes work and life easier. There are also ways to “extend” wireless in a office or home so that all your wireless devices work with a good, strong signal.

Whole House/Office/Building Wireless is Now a Reality:  For many years, the internet carriers have been promising whole house wireless. However, they have failed badly in their execution. Whether a home, office or building, no matter what the size, full coverage wireless with a very strong signal is now a reality. Contact Computer Care to obtain a quote.

Simplifying computer to phone access; phone to computer access: Calendars/scheduling, email, todo – Everything these days can be accessed via your phone or tablet. We can help you do so, explain how it’s done and how easily you too can maximize your wireless lifestyle easily and without grief.

Support & Train individuals or groups: Do you have questions on various things on your computer, tablet or phone? Have you always wanted to make life easier by knowing a few shortcuts? Would you like to learn how to run a program? All you need to do is ask.

Sell & setup wireless and wired networking:  Computer Care can turn your wired network into a wireless network or a mix of both. We can add a wireless access point, extend the wireless, connect multiple devices to the wireless and add items to make your life easier and more controlled.

Backing up your data -> those files are important! All too often I hear the words “my computer is working fine, why should I back it up?” Do you have documents, data, pictures, music, videos or all the above? Are you backing up your Quickbooks or Quicken data? We can set up from simple local backup to online cloud based backups.  You can not be too paranoid with your data. Those pictures of your kids when they were little need to be saved forever as do your work documents, etc. We can assemble the perfect backup solution for what you need saved.

New computer setup & transfer of data from your old computer:  – As you use your existing computer, you collect a lot of work or personal data that all needs to be transferred to a new computer. We make sure that all data has made it to your new computer and that the hard drive from your old computer is safe and sound with you enabling the old computer to be recycled without worry of your data being available to the public.

Nearly anything to do with a Windows  or Chromebook Computer:  Computer Care takes care of nearly anything to do with a Windows based computer and peripherals. We sell reliable computers, do upgrades and repairs of your computers and devices, answer your questions, help solve problems and there are many, many of those. Any questions or issues, please contact us so that we may make your life easier!

A few of the brands that we are an Official Authorized Reseller for are: