2015 Fall Computer Care Chronicles

    Have you installed the free Windows 10 yet? If not, have you been tempted? Are you curious? Why update? Why free?

    Windows 10 started becoming available to download and install in late July. Microsoft says it’s free for the first year. What happens after the first year, no one really knows yet and Microsoft isn’t saying—yet.

   If you have not taken advantage of the free upgrade yet, there are a few things to think about. One, if you are a business, especially if you are running very specific software, it’s best to check with the software company to see if it’s compatible with Windows 10 AND if all the features will still be available. OR is it not certified yet or do you have spend a bundle to upgrade the software? Don’t do the upgrade until you have those answers otherwise your software may not work properly. Also, if you need Internet Explorer, it’s been sort of taken out of Windows 10. So if you need IE, don’t install W10. IE is still available, but Microsoft wants you to use it’s new Microsoft Edge browser, which is lousy. Stick with FireFox and Chrome if you can.

Otherwise, there may be other reasons to not install W10. If you’re not sure, please contact me. There have been a few questionable installs where things have gone wrong. But a majority of users have had easy, successful installs. If you want to do the upgrade, but are not sure of set up, contact me tto make a appointment for me to install it for you.

What is Widows 10? It’s a new operating system to replace the unliked Windows 8 and 8.1. It incorporates the best of Windows 7, some of Windows 8, some new changes equals Windows 10. It’s what Win 8 should have been originally.

Scams are still rampant everywhere. It’s still very easy to fall prey while online. It could be as easy as trying to log on to a site and have a popup open asking if you need help. Many but not all of these are scams or spyware representatives. Don’t fall prey, especially if they say there is a fee.

Another is the persistent phone calls from “Microsoft”  or another important sounding company name. It sounds legit, but it most certainly IS NOT. Don’t fall prey. Microsoft is NOT monitoring your computer. This is a SCAMMER trying to access your personal information, financials and anything else of interest. And they plant spyware on your computer. AND if you have a laptop or a computer with a web cam, cover it up when you are not using it. A sticky note works great.

Spyware scammers can remotely turn the web cam on at their leisure, without turning on the light that says it’s active. Then it will watch you and anything else it can see. If you have kids, especially girls at home or college, advise them to cover the webcam. You don’t know when it’s active and someone is watching them.

Faye and I have spent more time camping this year than in past years. But, I always have my laptop with me and often will remote in to clients to fix issues on their computers. IF you have a problem, don’t feel that you can not contact me just because I am away. I’m always available, even when away.

I had a few clients tell me they didn’t want to bother me, while I was away, so they paid hundreds of dollars instead and I still had to go in and fix things when I returned. Save yourself the hassle, don’t let a stranger work on your computer, just call Computer Care. As long as your computer can still connect to the internet, a remote control session is possible. And a fix can be done remotely! Make the call!

New technology is always fascinating. It’s one of the aspects of my business that I always enjoy reading about and using when it becomes available. One company that is always improving it’s latest offerings is Intel. Intel recently released the 6th generation of the iCore processor series of i3, i5 and i7’s. The fifth generation is still current and plenty capable, but the newer generation is faster yet, runs cooler and manages battery life much better than any generation before it. Another technology that is slowly being integrated into is SSD’s aka Solid State Devices. These are basically enormous flash drives that replace a hard drive. Hard drives are electro-mechanical devices. Think of it as a ultra high capacity, metal DVD inside a air tight case. We all have hard drives inside our computers and our computers have been this way for many, many years. Minituration has helped shrink the physical size, technology has helped increase the storage size. But they wear down and are susceptible to motion and electrical shock. Both of those will not only damage the hard drive but possible also the data on it.

A SSD is all electrical. It is susceptible to electronic shock, but physical shock, except in extreme situations, you don’t have to worry about. Right now SSD’s are growing in size, and dropping in price. But they are still expensive, but are in some laptops, desktops and backup drives. SSD’s are faster too. So your data and programs run faster, which is always good.

A feature that is now being implemented into some high end laptops is the “hybrid” feature. A hybrid laptop has 2 batteries, one internal and one removable. Between the two, long battery life is standard. Long life is 10 or more hours on a standard charge. Another feature is a “Hot Swappable” replacement battery. You could be working, take one battery out and place another that is fully charged back in. Therefore extending your battery life another 4 to 6 hours! If you need long battery life or would like to learn more, please contact Computer Care and we can tell you more and do a quote for you.

As your computer ages, you start thinking about something newer and faster. Don’t make the mistake of going to Staples or Costco or Best Buy or when ever as you will get sold something that is not what you need. Yes, you may spend for something that sounds or looks fast, but very often, you will be purchasing something with old technology. Sometimes very old technology that has just been repackaged into a new case. Those types of computers will be inexpensive, not well built and a average life of just 18 months. Some only have a 90 day warranty! These are “consumer grade computers” and sold by mass merchant stores.

What if you could get a computer with modern, state of the art technology? A computer  that will last you 5 or more years instead of just 18 months? A computer that has the speed now to grow in to and 5 years down the road will still be fast enough for what you need? Would that be a worthwhile investment for you?

Sure it’s not going to be that inexpensive mass merchant sold computer. It will be more expansive than the mass merchants. But 5 years down the road, you’ll know you made a great choice! Ask for references!


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