Repair Services

Upgrade and Repairs: If you start with a very reliable computer, repairs will be at a minimum or none at all. Most computers can be upgraded with memory, video adapters, USB ports, older hard drives can be converted to super fast Solid State Drive (SSD), extra monitors and printers and much more. We will find a great solution for your issue and upgrade your computer.

Speed Up existing computers: Often computers that are just a few years old start running slowly. There are many reasons why this may happen and sometimes those reasons are very simple. Not only will we fix the issue, but we also explain in English what happened and how you can possibly prevent it from happening again or maybe even apply a fix yourself. An SSD upgrade is a great way to make your computer faster than it was when brand new and extend the life another few years.

Remove Viruses and Spyware: There are over 1 million computer threats out there. They include viruses and spyware and include everything from annoying popups to very dangerous and destructive “ransomware”. You want all your devices to be protected in the best possible way from threats.

Cleaning/removal of dust and animal hair: Whether at work or home, dust is always a big threat to your computer. You don’t have to be in a dusty work environment to have dust clog the fans and vents and heat sinks that keep your computer running cool. There are various things to remove the issue such as cleaning the computer inside and out, increasing the efficiency of cooling mechanisms in the computer and adding exterior cooling devices. Computer Care can help you achieve a quiet and cool running computer and device.

Solve problems: Is your mouse locking up? Computer making odd noises? Doing odd things? We can FIX your problems. Make notes of the issues and we will tackle them and remove the problems.